Chicken Maryland

Always willing to sample the essential flavours of the places he visits, James Bond happily consumes a plate of fried chicken Maryland at New York’s Ma Frazier’s in Live and Let Die.

James Bond food fried mushrooms

Fried mushrooms

Scaramanga lives rather well in the The Man With The Golden Gun , enjoying as he does the services of a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, Nick Nack. Among Nick Nack's creations is fried mushrooms.

James Bond food quenelles de brochet

Quenelles de brochet

As he enters Orléans in pursuit of Goldfinger in Ian Fleming’s 1959 novel, James Bond allows himself the daydream of a night at the Auberge de la Montespan, his belly full of quenelles de brochet.

James Bond food tournedos


What is the first evening meal that Ian Fleming describes in the James Bond books? The answer is a very small tournedos with sauce Béarnaise, and a single artichoke heart, which James Bond consumes in the restaurant of the Hotel Splendide in Casino Royale