Chicken Maryland

Always willing to sample the essential flavours of the places he visits, James Bond happily consumes a plate of fried chicken Maryland at New York’s Ma Frazier’s in Live and Let Die.

James Bond food chicken comme chez soi

Chicken ‘comme chez soi’

In John Pearson's 'biography' of James Bond, Bond recalls how, before the war, he and an old school friend, 'Burgler' Brinton, had motored from Geneva to Paris. On the way, they stopped at Mâcon for lunch of poularde 'comme chez soi' and Champagne at the Auberge Bressane.

James Bond food poularde chicken

Poularde à la crème

James Bond is disappointed with his evening meal at an auberge on the south bank of the Loire. Noticing that the establishment is decorated with faux antiques, he decides that his poularde à la crème is the only genuine antique in the place.