James Bond food Live and Let Die breakfast


Papaya or pawpaw is a 'Bondian' fruit in more ways than one, and having one for breakfast is an easy and inexpensive way to experience the James Bond lifestyle.

James Bond food broccoli polonaise

Broccoli Polonaise

In my previous post, I argued that James Bond eats broccoli Polonaise in Live and Let Die. Having mentioned the dish, it would be remiss of me not to feature a recipe, and so one is presented here.

James Bond food hamburger

Flat beef hamburger

In the 1950s, the hamburger was sufficiently exotic for visitors to the USA for Ian Fleming to include it in James Bond's quintessentially American meal at New York's St Regis Hotel in Live and Let Die.

James Bond food butterscotch

Butterscotch sauce

Ice-cream and melted butterscotch is served as part of James Bond's first meal in the novel of Live and Let Die. Bond is generally happy, though is dubious about the butterscotch.

James Bond food toad-in-the-hole


Luxiuriating in his St Regis hotel room in New York in Live and Let Die, James Bond's thoughts turn cheerfully to what he's missing back in London - bitter weather, a cold office and a 'giant toad and two veg' in the local boozer.