Welcome to James Bond Food


Welcome to James Bond Food, the site that explores the food of Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007. The site accompanies the cookbook Licence to Cook, which is packed full of recipes inspired by the food James Bond eats in the novels of Ian Fleming. ‘James Bond Food’ presents additional recipes not in the cookbook, as well as articles about Bond’s food (from the books and films), so be sure to visit regularly to read the latest post, find out how to eat like James Bond, or to get inspired for your next recipe idea.

A note about the recipes: as James Bond tends to dine with a companion, if not eating alone, the recipes generally serve two. They can of course be scaled up or down as required. The dishes have been inspired not only by the descriptions in the Bond books, but also by Ian Fleming’s own food experiences, as well as recipes contemporary with the time of Bond’s adventures. As far as possible, I have used ingredients that can be bought at least from the larger supermarkets.