James Bond food pork and beans

Pork and beans

The novel of Dr No shows that James Bond can rough it when he needs to. Quarrel forages through the detritus of an abandoned hut and finds tins of Heinz pork and beans, which make for a welcome evening meal. 

James Bond food Gleaner

Ian Fleming’s food manifesto

How does a nation make the most of its food resources? How does it ensure that people have enough to eat? How does it keep livestock safe? These are the questions that Ian Fleming addressed in an article in the Daily Gleaner in 1948.

James Bond food ackee saltfish

Ackee and saltfish

Breakfast for Quarrel in Dr No is saltfish and ackee and a tot of rum. James Bond thinks it's tough stuff to start one's day on, but for Quarrel, it's most refreshing.