James Bond food Elvas plums

Elvas plums

In the novel of The Spy Who Loved Me, Elvas plums are among the items that Vivienne Michel and her flatmate Susan Duff gather for the party they host at their tiny pad just off the King's Road.

James Bond food Swiss cheeses

Swiss cheese tray

James Bond's final lunch-time meal at Piz Gloria in the novel of On Her Majesty's Secret Service is necessarily on the heavy side: paté maison, followed by oeufs Gloria, with a cheese tray to finish.

James Bond food breakfast in Slovenia

Breakfast in Slovenia

As the Orient Express rattles through Slovenia in From Russia, With Love (1957), James Bond and Tatiana Romanova sit down in the restaurant car to a breakfast of fried eggs, hard brown bread, and coffee that was mostly chicory.

James Bond Food snails escargot


Though a frequent visitor to France, it's not until John Gardner's eleventh 007 novel, Death is Forever that James Bond is given that most archetypal of French dishes: snails in garlic butter.