Licence to Dine

I was alerted to an interesting paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research: "Licence to Dine: 007 and the Real Exchange Rate" by Lee A. Craig, Julianne Treme & Thomas J. Weiss.

James Bond food couscous

Turkey with couscous

Like many people at this time of year, I've been wondering what to do with all the left-over Christmas turkey and ham. I decided to cook up a dish of turkey with couscous, having been inspired by a meal consumed in Raymond Benson's James Bond novel, Doubleshot,

James Bond food Auberge de la Montespan

Auberge de la Montespan

Entering Orléans during his pursuit of Goldfinger through France in Ian Fleming’s 1959 novel, James Bond reflects that in other circumstances he would have spent a night at the Auberge de la Montespan, situated on the north bank of the Loire.