James Bond Food snails escargot


Though a frequent visitor to France, it's not until John Gardner's eleventh 007 novel, Death is Forever that James Bond is given that most archetypal of French dishes: snails in garlic butter. 

James Bond food Live and Let Die breakfast


Papaya or pawpaw is a 'Bondian' fruit in more ways than one, and having one for breakfast is an easy and inexpensive way to experience the James Bond lifestyle.

James Bond food Gleaner

Ian Fleming’s food manifesto

How does a nation make the most of its food resources? How does it ensure that people have enough to eat? How does it keep livestock safe? These are the questions that Ian Fleming addressed in an article in the Daily Gleaner in 1948.

James Bond Food oyster crackers

Oyster crackers

Rooting through my kitchen cupboards the other day, I found a long-lost packet of oyster crackers. Liberated from the Grand Central Oyster Bar, the crackers have a literary connection.

James Bond food weisswurst


In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, James Bond consumes mounds of Weisswurst, washed down with four steins of beer, at the Franziskaner Keller in Munich in the company of a taxi-driver who has driven Bond around the city for a wedding ring.

James Bond Food The Living Daylights

What’s in Koskov’s hamper?

Judging by events in The Living Daylights, Russian defectors have it pretty good when they come over to Britain. Take General Georgi Koskov. He's put up in a large country house, and he is given - by James Bond himself - a hamper full of goodies from Harrods.