Chicken Maryland

Always willing to sample the essential flavours of the places he visits, James Bond happily consumes a plate of fried chicken Maryland at New York’s Ma Frazier’s in Live and Let Die.

James Bond food porotos


In Quantum of Solace, a list of three items is painted on the wall outside a Bolivian bar: arbejas (peas), porotos (cranberry or borlotti beans) and lentejas (lentils). 

James Bond food brizzola

What is brizzola (as featured in Diamonds are Forever)?

When Felix Leiter orders brizzola for James Bond in upmarket New York restaurant Sardi's in Diamonds are Forever (1956), Ian Fleming must have guessed that the dish, virtually unknown in the UK, would leave his British readers puzzled. He therefore allowed Leiter to provide a description for the readers' benefit: 'Beef, straight-cut across the bone. … Continue reading What is brizzola (as featured in Diamonds are Forever)?