James Bond food nut cutlets

Nut cutlets

A visit to Shrublands health farm in Thunderball proves to be something of an culinary eye-opener for James Bond. Foregoing his usual steaks, fried fish, and rich sauces, Bond is introduced to such treats as dandelion tea, potassium broth and 'unmalted slippery elm'.

James Bond food syrniki


Anthony Horowitz's third and final James Bond novel, With a Mind to Kill, takes our hero to Russia. This exciting, page-turner of a novel strips away much of the glamour we normally associate with Bond, and this includes the food,

James Bond food grilled fish

Grilled fish

James Bond's dinner with former British secret agent Madame Sixtine in Anthony Horowitz's second Bond novel, Forever and a Day, is a simple affair: grilled fish, salad, cheese and bread, all washed down with a bottle of the finest Puligny-Montrachet.

James Bond food Caesar salad

Caesar salad

Dinner with the mysterious Jeopardy Lane at the Plaza Hotel in New York in Trigger Mortis comprises Caesar salad and grilled sole. Bond orders for both of them and decides to keep the meal simple, eschewing the dishes pretentiously named in French that are liable to be overcooked. 

James Bond food bombe surprise

Bombe surprise

James Bond realises there's something fishy about the waiters serving dinner onboard the ocean liner at the conclusion of Diamonds Are Forever when one of the waiters, Mr Wint, fails to recognise that the Château Mouton Rothschild he presents to Bond is a claret. 

James Bond food stuffed sheep's head

Stuffed sheep’s head

Not for the first time, I'm somewhat puzzled by the food of Roger Moore's James Bond. In A View To A Kill, there are reasons for suspecting that Bond didn't make the quiche des cabinet himself. In Octopussy, I'm struggling to see how the sheep's head, served to him at a dinner hosted by Afghan prince Kamal Khan, could have been stuffed. 

James Bond food curried goat

Curried goat

Curried goat is considered to be one of the national dishes of Jamaica. We are not told in the books whether James Bond ever has a meal of curried goat, but we know that it made a regular appearance at Ian Fleming's Jamaican home, Goldeneye.