James Bond food bombe surprise

Bombe surprise

James Bond realises there's something fishy about the waiters serving dinner onboard the ocean liner at the conclusion of Diamonds Are Forever when one of the waiters, Mr Wint, fails to recognise that the Château Mouton Rothschild he presents to Bond is a claret. 

James Bond food crabmeat ravigotte

Crabmeat ravigotte

Tiffany Case gives James Bond's suggestion of shellfish and Hock short shrift at the '21' Club in Diamonds are Forever. She tells him that it would take more than crabmeat ravigotte to get her into bed with him.

James Bond food brizzola

What is brizzola (as featured in Diamonds are Forever)?

When Felix Leiter orders brizzola for James Bond in upmarket New York restaurant Sardi's in Diamonds are Forever (1956), Ian Fleming must have guessed that the dish, virtually unknown in the UK, would leave his British readers puzzled. He therefore allowed Leiter to provide a description for the readers' benefit: 'Beef, straight-cut across the bone. … Continue reading What is brizzola (as featured in Diamonds are Forever)?