James Bond food Steak tartare

Steak tartare

How does one maintain one's stamina for making love? The answer, Kerim Bey reveals to James Bond over lunch in Istanbul's Spice Bazaar in From Russia, with Love, is steak tartare, which Kerim apparently eats every day.

James Bond food Restaurant Cattelin

Filet mignon

To earn his double-O status, James Bond must make two kills in the line of duty. The second takes place in Stockholm. What does Bond eat ahead of the deadly encounter? Filet mignon.

James Bond food brizzola

What is brizzola (as featured in Diamonds are Forever)?

When Felix Leiter orders brizzola for James Bond in upmarket New York restaurant Sardi's in Diamonds are Forever (1956), Ian Fleming must have guessed that the dish, virtually unknown in the UK, would leave his British readers puzzled. He therefore allowed Leiter to provide a description for the readers' benefit: 'Beef, straight-cut across the bone. … Continue reading What is brizzola (as featured in Diamonds are Forever)?