James Bond food Piz Gloria dinner

Blofeld’s Angels of Death – what do they eat?

In the film of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), James Bond (George Lazenby) sits down to dinner with twelve ‘gorgeous girls’, unwitting agents of Blofeld’s scheme to infect the world’s crops and livestock with a deadly virus.

What do Blofeld’s ‘angels of death’ eat? The question is not easy to answer, as we don’t have a clear view of all the dishes served at dinner. We know that Ruby has chicken, while Nancy has potatoes. The ‘Scandinavian girl’ has cold meats, the ‘Indian girl’ has chapatis, the ‘Chinese girl’ has rice, the ‘Irish girl’ has corn, and the ‘Jamaican girl’ has bananas. (Some advice to filmmakers: never show anyone eating bananas – the racial and sexual connotations are almost impossible to avoid.)

What about the others? The ‘Australian girl’ eats some sort of meat (apparently it’s lamb), but we have no idea about anyone else. Luckily, a call sheet for the dinner scene, reproduced in Charles Helfenstein’s The Making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (2009), fills in the gaps. Here, then, is a plan of the two tables. Meals in brackets are listed in the call sheet, but aren’t seen clearly on screen.

James Bond food Piz Gloria dinnerJames Bond food OHMSS table plan

Curiously, the ‘American girl’ is listed as having corn fritters, while grapes are specified for the ‘Irish girl’. In the event, the ‘Irish girl’ has the corn fritters, or rather corn on the cob, possibly because the crew suddenly remembered that Ireland is not known for its viticulture. Another oddity is that there are two ‘English girls’, Joanna Lumley and Angela Scoular, presumably a product of the film essentially being a British one.

Irma Bunt, incidentally, is given sauerkraut and sausage, which sounds like choucroute to me, while James Bond has steak ‘Piz Gloria’. We don’t know how this is served, but judging by descriptions in Ian Fleming’s novel, the steak would have been accompanied by a mustard and cream sauce.

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