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What is the Piz Gloria style

In the novel of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963), James Bond orders poulet Gloria for dinner, from a menu that includes homard Gloria (lobster), tournedos Gloria (beef) and other ‘spécialitiés Gloria’. The next day, at lunch, Bond orders œufs Gloria and a salad. But what is the Glorian style?

We’re told that poulet Gloria is a spatchcocked chicken covered in a cream and mustard sauce (pictured). The œufs Gloria, meanwhile, are chopped hard-boiled eggs mixed with a cream and cheese sauce, laced with mustard and cooked au gratin.

Cream and mustard are common to both and would appear to define the Glorian style. Indeed, Bond remarks that mustard, and English mustard at that, is typically present in Glorian dishes. Cheese can be added (ideally a Swiss cheese such as Gruyère), but it’s not a defining characteristic of the style.

Licence to Cook has recipes for both poulet Gloria and œufs Gloria, but why stop there? Many more meals can be given a Glorian twist with the addition of a cream and mustard sauce. And why not make a Glorian-style sandwich for lunch? Just add a dollop of sour cream and mustard to your favourite filling.

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