Licence to Cook – the cookbook


We don’t often see James Bond eating in the films, but food is as much part of the novels as guns, alcohol, exotic women, villains and travel. Ian Fleming said that he wanted to stimulate his readers, right down to their taste buds. He certainly does that. We don’t have to read many pages before Fleming stops the action to describe a meal. Food is so important in Bond’s world, that a recipe for scrambled eggs is included in the short story, ‘007 in New York’.

Licence to Cook: Recipes Inspired by Ian Fleming’s James Bond, written by website author Edward Biddulph, is a cookbook full of exciting recipes inspired by the food that Bond eats in the novels and short stories.

The cookbook is intended for anyone who wishes to recreate the flavour of James Bond’s food. With sections for breakfast, lunch and dinner, now everyone can eat like James Bond throughout the day.

Recipes include:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon, boiled eggs, green figs and yoghurt
Lunch: oeufs Gloria, oyster stew, sardines en papillote
Dinner: Poached turbot with mousseline sauce, bouillabaisse, roast partridge, spaghetti Bolognese, lamb cutlets, mutton ragout, potato salad, asparagus, artichoke hearts
Dessert: guavas and coconut sorbet, strawberries and cream
Supper: eggs Benedict, Welsh rarebit, caviar sandwiches

Licence to Cook is available to buy in printed and downloadable formats from Amazon and other retailers. Click here for details (UK) or here for US customers.

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