James Bond food keeping your tip up die another day

Now, there’s a mouthful

On 28th May, fellow Bond aficionado, David Lowbridge-Ellis, who runs the excellent ‘Licence to Queer‘ website, will host ‘Donate Another Day’, a day of back-to-back viewings of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films. The event is in support of UNICEF, of which Pierce Brosnan is an ambassador (like Roger Moore before him), and David will be encouraging everyone taking part to donate to the charity.

To keep everyone refreshed, David has paired each film with a couple of cocktails devised by him and two dishes created by me. In preparing the menu, I have let my imagination run riot, having been inspired by scenes, lines, and people in the four films.

So, for GoldenEye (1995), we have ‘That’s my lunch!’ (tuna sub) and ‘Borscht for brains… with a twist’ (beetroot and caviar canapés).

James Bond food that's my lunch goldeneye

James Bond food Borscht for brains goldeneye

For Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), you can enjoy ‘Cunning linguini’ (mussels and liguini) and ‘We dine together’ (a sharing plate of German meats and cheeses).

James Bond food cunning linguini Tomorrow never dies

James Bond food we dine together tomorrow never dies

For The World Is Not Enough (1999), there is ‘Haggis Sophia’ (a haggis and egg recipe in honour of Sophie Marceau and the Turkish settings) and ‘Zukovsky takes a dip’ (a dipping sauce of caviar and squid ink).

James Bond food haggis sophia the world is not enough

James Bond food zukovsky takes a dip the world is not enough

Finally, for Die Another Day (2001), I have prepared ‘Death for Breakfast’ (boozy orange sorbet) and ‘Keeping your tip up’ (asparagus tips with a hollandaise-type sauce inspired by fencing instructor Verity, played by Madonna).

James Bond food death for breakfast die another day

James Bond food keeping your tip up die another day

Click here for all the recipes and more details of my inspirations.

For more details of the Brosnan watchalong for UNICEF, click here.

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