James Bond food cast and crew lunch Thunderball

What’s for lunch on the set of Thunderball?

James Bond fans who happened to be watching ‘The Footage Detectives’ recently on Talking Pictures TV were treated to a behind-the-scenes film showing the shooting at Silverstone race track of the car chase in Thunderball (1965), which featured James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 and Fiona Volpe’s BSA motorbike.

What interested me wasn’t so much the action, as exciting as it was, but the appearance of catering facilities, complete with a fully-laden table ready to feed cast and crew. The menu was limited – bacon rolls, by the look of it – but to give them their due, the caterers were generous with the condiments. Mustard, brown sauce and pickle were provided in abundance.

I’d been having trouble identifying the brands, but thanks to the good folk of Twitter,* I’m able to put a few names to the items. The blue tin is Cerebos table salt; the tall bottles with the red stripe may well be Heinz Ideal Sauce, and those are almost certainly jars of Colman’s mustard on the left. Do let me know if you can identify anything else.

*Thanks to @graeme_foot and @japanauthor

James Bond food cast and crew lunch Thunderball

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