James Bond food Goldfinger trail

On the trail of Goldfinger

During the summer, I went on an epic road-trip and retraced James Bond’s route in pursuit of Goldfinger from Le Touquet on the north coast of France to Geneva in Switzerland, as described in Ian Fleming’s 1959 novel.

For just a few days I became Bond as I followed the same roads, drove through the same towns and villages, stopped at the same hotels and ate the same food mentioned in the novel. Along the way, I re-discovered a France before the construction of the motorway network and sights and places away from the usual tourist routes.

An article about my journey has just been published in issue 53 of MI6 Confidential. Click here to find out more.

I’ve also put together a short video, accompanied by a rocking soundtrack, that shows the route that Bond takes. Check it out!

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