James Bond food food programme

James Bond food on air

As you may know (and even have heard), the other week I appeared on The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4. I had a great time recording the programme and talking about the food of James Bond, and I even cooked two recipes – oyster stew (as mentioned in ‘007 in New York’) and Bond’s favourite dish, scrambled eggs. The episode is still available, so click the link for a mouth-watering discussion:

The Food Programme: ‘Food, James Bond’s food’

If that whets your appetite, you might also want to tune into a podcast in which I discuss James Bond’s food and my cookbook, Licence to Cook, with the host of the Intrepid 007 Podcast, Emery Cormier. I recorded it in 2019, but the episode’s recently been given another outing as part of The James Bond Complex podcast. Do have a listen. Here’s the link:

Licence to Cook with Edward Biddulph

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